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Flavored with juniper berries, gin fits into the floral fascination trend as consumers seek delicate and floral tastes in their beverages.*

Basil is an up-and-coming taste in cold beverages, stemming from the trend of combining sweet and savory in beverage applications.*

Cucumber is a key taste in cold beverages, making it a flavor that’s here to stay – adding it to a Moscow Mule is a cool twist.*

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Sources: * Kerry US Taste Charts 2019

Shake Up Your Happy Hour

Try Out Seven On-Trend Cocktail Recipes

Bar and restaurant owners are putting innovative spins on classic cocktails, such as mules and whiskey sours, with unexpected ingredients like cucumber or blood orange. Elevate your drink menu with seven on-trend cocktail recipes that are sure to shake up happy hour. 

Shake it Up


On-Trend Cocktails

To Mix Up Your Happy Hour

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